Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Church in the Park, happening today at 11:15 am at Julia Davis Park in Boise. We are praying for a sweet time of fellowship for our church family and blessings on all the volunteers who help with making everything run well. Please pray also for those who will be baptized, that the Lord would be glorified, and they would be strengthened in their faith as a result of their public declaration to follow Christ.

  • A month or so ago I asked for prayer for some relatives who were trying to rescue some children in the family from severe neglect. The children’s parents had come back with a charge of kidnapping against the ones trying to save the kids. It was very touch and go for a while. The kids are now officially under the guardianship of the caring relatives and the charge of kidnapping has been rescinded! So it’s even been taken off all records! Praise God!!! Thank you for standing with us! God did it!

  • Praise The Lord! I asked for provision and the number $500-600 came to mind as I prayed and you prayed with me. Today He had someone give me $550! Thank you for your prayer!!!

  • Praise our Mighty God for all the good he has worked in my marriage! My husband and I were separated for 3 months because of severe emotional abuse and the inability to communicate. God has softened both of our hearts toward one another. I literally crawled with every ounce I had left to His throne and he faithfully answered. Please pray for continued growth and resolution in our marriage and for my husband to truly come to know Jesus instead of just knowing about Him. I know that God is the key to true happiness and unity so please pray that He be at the center of our lives and that He strengthen me to be a wonderful wife of noble of character going forward.

  • Please pray for me to have discernment and wisdom in running our business. I often feel ineffective and distracted with the massive to-do lists and people to manage. God is always good and I have faith in that, but I know how much I need to grow to be able to create something that truly glorifies Him and is an example to our employees and community of faith in action. I pray for clarity in managing and for clear opportunities going forward.

  • Please pray for my friend and coworker as he struggles to find purpose in his life. While he knows the Lord, he still feels lost and wandering. Pray that he will seek and find the right resources to better him at specific skills to lead him into the right position in his vocation; or if it be God’s will, to lead him into another vocation. Pray for healing from his past so that he can go boldly forward knowing that he is loved and created for a mighty purpose under our awesome God!

  • Please pray for financial provision and health concerns. We are at our end in so many ways. We really need the Lord’s provision, healing, guidance, etc. He’s done it before He can do it again, but please pray for us.

  • Please pray for health for me and my husband. We have had several bouts with allergies and my husband is now dealing with a throat infection (the doctor did a swab yesterday to check for bacteria and fungus; the results are due back next Monday). 

  • Please pray for Christina for restored health. 

  • Pray for provision for Kelly. She needs teeth pulled and replaced, and is looking to find a dentist. 

  • Pray for Tyra who has breathing difficulties. She has tests coming up so the doctors can make a plan for treatment.