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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Shawn, 13.  He is in Children’s hospital in Salt Lake.  He is rejecting his mother’s bone marrow transplant.  He’s totally depressed and refusing food and meds.  Pray for his mother Katie, also.

  • Pray for Kyle not to fall into temptation.

  • Please pray for Tom Mooney's family. Tom's 90-year-old dad passed away Friday in Ohio. Tom is traveling Sunday to be with his mom and siblings. Pray that God comforts Tom's mom Alice who lost her husband of 67 years. Ask too that the Lord will give Tom great wisdom regarding his mom's future care.

  • Please pray for our friends Tina and Jeff. He had a heart attack on their way home from AZ and has a severe infection. The cardiologist did surgery and put a stent inside his existing stent that had closed. Heart is operating at 35 percent, and should be around 65 percent.  He has a severe infection and the water in the lungs he is fighting. They know the Lord and trust in Him and the prayers of the saints.

  • Pray for Brian and a job change.

  • Pray for my sister Carol who lives in Oregon.  She has been treated for cancer for several years now.  We almost lost her to it two weeks ago.  Pray for God’s will to be done.

  • As our family goes through the transition of separation of marriage, I praise God for His faithfulness in sustaining our household emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  Thank You Lord for providing and allowing us to keep the house.  You have blessed us with allowing us to use it to glorify You!

  • Pray for Josh moving to Washington College.

  • Please pray for my sister. She is struggling with life and stress and her purpose. She has tremendous financial, emotional, and familial stress. She has sacrificed a lot of her life to help her kids who are grown. She has been fighting with her daughter and listening to lies from her own head and the enemy that she is not needed or loved or liked by her family. She's saying she is going to move out of state and cut herself off from everyone. She has made threats like this before at least this time it isn't threats to end it all. I don't even know how to pray for her anymore but God does. Please join me in prayer for a breakthrough for my sis.

  • Pray for God to provide for Sheryl as she tries to save up for a deposit on a new place. Help her to be light for Jesus everywhere she goes.

  • Please pray for Michael who needs a job; he is just out of prison.

  • Please pray for my son Rayne and his fiancé Savannah that God will be the foundation of their lives and their marriage.