Daily Prayer Requests

  • Thank you for praying for the twins.  John’s surgery for a fading “button” in his tummy was successful, so he should be able to go home soon and will be fed directly into his stomach.  Adrian is gaining and soon they will be together at home.

  • Please pray for our daughter Sofia.  She has surgery this Tuesday for tonsils/adenoids removed.  Pray for peace and comfort as she gets scared easily and has a very hard time with pain. Please also pray for me.  It’s a two-week recovery.

  • Please pray for my husband who is on deployment in dangerous waters.  Pray I will be able to see him home safely.  Pray the 8 months will go by safely.

  • Pray for Ron to recover from shoulder surgery.

  • I fell 10 days ago and jammed my shoulder.  I couldn’t raise my right arm until yesterday.  Praying I won’t need surgery.  My husband will have surgery soon.  Pray for his recovery.

  • Please pray for healing and provision for a couple who have had ongoing health issues.  Also for the Lord’s leading and direction for next steps and putting behind what is past and freedom and hope for the future.

  • Pray for laborers for hospitality.

  • Thank you so much for praying for “two little children’s future” this week.  A decision was made quickly.  Please pray for the guardians for wisdom and God’s good grace upon them and the children as they are raised through the years.  May God be merciful to this family.

  • Pray for Caleb to recover from back surgery.

  • Praise!  Within the hour of dropping off my last prayer request a few weeks ago, I got a text from my fiancé.  We are still struggling to get him home.  We are waiting for his company to finish their investigation and release him to come home.  We could also use prayer for us to keep our spirits and hope up.  We know that God has a plan and can’t wait to see what He has in store for us.  My fiancé has such strong faith and is such an inspiration for me to build my faith.  I know that he would appreciate all prayers.

  • Please pray for my son to be delivered from the stronghold of generational alcoholism and to return to our Lord Jesus.

  • Praise report!  My sister is pregnant with her first baby!  Pray for finances for Brila and Gabe.  Pray for finances on my own.  Pray for my husband that he seeks the Lord for his purpose.

  • Lift our son out of his terrible living situation.  Bring healing to our broken relationship.  I am a broken mom.