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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my sister and brother-in-law’s family. They have been married for 8 years and they have no baby. Please pray for them so that they are blessed with a beautiful baby soon.

  • Please pray for one of our sisters in Christ at a local elderly/rehab facility. She has spina bifida and is going in today to get one of her legs amputated. The other leg will amputated within the next few weeks. She is scared not just of losing her legs, but of being alone. She will be moving to a new location here in the valley, without any friends or any regular communication with family. She is a believer, so please pray for the Holy Spirit to fill her up each and every day.

  • Pray for Emily to have wisdom with family crisis.

  • Pray for Emily’s sister’s husband who is having heart trouble.

  • Kassidy was diagnosed with Diabetes 1 last October and is now being tested for other possible diseases. Prayer for her & her parents, accurate diagnosis, and treatment, please.

  • Evelyn is asking for God’s deliverance from smoking, God’s strength for enduring the transition to a new work place, God’s wisdom on how to love and support family members in destitute situations.

  • Pray for a believer from our church who lives close to Dee to come alongside her to help, at least once a week take out her trash, and once a month pickup & deliver her EBT(food stamp) order for groceries.

  • Pray for a job; just out of prison.

  • Pray for Mother's health (diabetic).

  • My name is Daan, I would like to ask for prayer for a complicated matter that is heavy on my heart & involves myself, my family, friends & ex-congregation.

  • Update on the twins. They are both gaining weight. Parents are feeling overwhelmed with another obstacle. The AC went out at the house. They have some window units that were given temporarily. Thanks for your prayers.

  • Unfortunately, the union did deny Derick and my grandson's medical coverage after all. Please pray that God will provide them with good insurance some way. Pray for Derick's health and for our forgiveness in this hard situation. Thank you for your prayers for our family as we really need it right now. Praise the Lord always, thank you.

  • We have a woman in our church that had to report her husband for domestic abuse tonight after he choked her, and is seeing a police officer tomorrow to proceed with protection. It seems they will head towards divorce in the future, which sad to say, might be the only option she is left with, after fighting for her marriage for over 15 years. Please pray for her protection in these next days and lots of wisdom and peace on how to proceed. Also pray for us, so we can be a good emotional, spiritual, and any other kind of support that she will need.

  • Our brother and sister in law, Chris and Kelly, have separated. Please pray that the Lord will humble both of them, heal their hearts and grant them wisdom.

  • Please pray for the “L” family to find a rental they can afford.

  • Pray for our people of Buenavista.

  • Prayer for guidance and direction for the future of Calvary Chapel Oaxaca.