Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for help with a move this weekend - and asking God to bring about a revival of prayer among His church. Asking for God to continue to work in the lives of her son and grandson.

  • Pray for family members who have a court date Tuesday A.M. to determine 2 little children’s future. Please pray for the Lord’s divine intervention and peace, too.

  • Asking for God's power by His Spirit in Jesus' name to deliver him from fear, deliver him from deception from demons, deliver him from drug addiction and free him from the bondage of sin.

  • Pray she will visit service with nine year old daughter. Provision for financial shortfall.

  • Please pray for my son Derick and my grandson Justin to have their medical insurance reinstated. The Union Derick worked for votes by the end of the week whether or not to reinstate the insurance.

  • Please pray for Paul, Debbie and Doug for their freight business to be led by God’s grace.

  • Please pray for my family and me. Because of my addictions, I’m losing my family. I want to find God so He can help me stop.

  • Please pray for a family who attends our church. They have 2 adopted girls through the foster care system; 1 of which has experienced a lot of abuse in her past. This family is struggling to help this girl work through these past hurts. Last night this girl had a melt-down and ended up being admitted to a local Psych Hospital for treatment. This family asks for wisdom and guidance and prayers for grace and discernment on how to help their adopted daughter.

  • I need help from the Holy Spirit to prioritize my relationship with Him. I need knowledge, understanding, and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. I also would like a special prayer for my boyfriend Espoir who left me because of my family’s denial towards him. If it pleases the Lord to bring him back to me, I will be more blessed to have him back. Thank you.

  • Please pray for us to reach into the hearts and lives of these new folks and really minister to their spiritual needs. Some of these new ones are Branka, Clairs, Carol, Miguel and Ailin. They come to us with the usual hurts and scars and need for redemption.

  • Pray for Manuela and Furio, that they can grow spiritually in the knowledge of the Lord.

  • Please keep Gabi, the owner of the coffee shop we frequent, in prayer. Our prayer is that he would eventually make it to a service and that the Lord would move in his life in a big way.

  • Keep praying for Chris and his cancer. Literally only a miracle can cure his cancer now. He is with his family in New Jersey receiving treatment but his body isn't responding to it. We recently recorded some goodbye messages for him and his family, to also witness to his family that is unsaved.