Daily Prayer Requests

  • I am in a relationship with someone named Anthony. I really care about him and am interested in marriage and children so I need wisdom. I also recently was in the hospital due to heart issues. I would like prayer for God to heal me please.

  • Prayers for a woman who lost her job due to medical reasons. Currently looking for more employment now that medical issues are better. Still suffering from a car accident two months ago. She has a 3 year old and is afraid of losing her house.

  • Please pray for a 28 year old named Justin who is in a Quadriplegic state after having an accident 5 years ago. His mother Stacie has had a hard time, even after 5 years of not feeling saddened and hurt for her son Justin – who lives with them and sees his pain every day. Stacie asks us to pray for Justin’s soul – for a fresh out-pouring of the Holy Spirit (he is a believer), for renewed strength for him. She continues to trust the Lord for His plans for Justin and her through this day to day battle to fight for joy and for hope, but it is still hard none-the-less.

  • My spouse (of nearly 10-years) and I are having a lot of trouble working through a number of issues. It feels like whenever we reach a place of calm and understanding, we are immediately under attack from the enemy again. Prayers in particular that we would have grace for one another, and that we would be able to move past these difficulties together.

  • Pray that God have mercy on me and give me health or stop whatever is bothering me.

  • Pray for me and for reconciliation with my friends Dorington and Josh. Pray for Josue, Sharon and Megan to forgive me. Pray they would have a desire to spend time with me, to love me and to have a desire for deeper friendship with me.

  • Pray for guidance for Pastor Tim.

  • Pray for my family and for Miriam.

  • Pray for the half way house in Longmont and for Chris who is dealing with court charges.

  • Pray for Bob's family and his brother’s family member who has been sick with leukemia.

  • Pray for Destiny's family whose dad was sick with cancer.

  • Troy recently had a heart attack, please pray.

  • Pray for Jesse and his relationship with the Lord. Pray for my relationship with the Lord also.

  • Pray for Joe and his dad who has Alzheimer’s.

  • Pray for a group of missionaries from Ireland and that they can get their Visa. Pray for the church.