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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please continue to pray for Charles whose red and white blood cell counts are too low. He’s been having tests, has a bone marrow test scheduled for tomorrow. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for the doctors.

  • Pray for a lady in the house I live in. She tried to commit suicide and isn’t doing well. She needs God’s help and a lot of prayer. Please pray that she would find hope and faith in God.

  • Pray for health for me, as I battle schizophrenia. It is very difficult and confusing even to comprehend and sometimes I feel like I’m losing faith and hope. Pray for miracles.

  • Pray that the Lord would be working on my husband’s behalf in his legal case. We want him home.

  • Please pray for the cure for cancer and AIDS.

  • Please pray for my eyesight, it has been degrading considerably. Thank you for praying for my digestive issues, they have been considerably better.

  • Please pray for me as I was recently raped. I also need a place to live.

  • Please pray for me that I would draw closer to the Lord and pray more often. Please pray for my loneliness.

  • Please pray for healing in my soul and send away the enemy from my mind. Stop the enemy and protect my soul with a path of Salvation and cancel all unholy and ungodly ties. Also help me organize my money properly.

  • Please pray for my family to know God's grace and the power of the gospel. Pray for reconciliation and the bond of love to connect us. Also please pray for me as I have a meeting with the Attorney General on August 1st. Pray for God's wisdom to be with me and for the Holy Spirit to lead my every word.

  • Please pray for my brother, he just went through a very difficult and expensive divorce and it looks like the company he works at will be closing its doors this week.

  • Please pray for a friend who is in prison her son’s birthday is coming up and she is going to ask his father to plan a celebration for him. Pray for a renewal in their father/son relationship and that her son would feel so loved.

  • Please pray for a friend who wants to be able to recognize when God is speaking to her.

  • Please pray for a friend who longs for her husband to be saved and come to church with her. Also that she would be set free from the shame and judgment she feels.

  • Please pray that God would take away my addiction so that I can be sober and healthy for my family and be the mom my kids deserve!

  • Please pray for women in prison who will have pre board this week. Pray that God’s will is done in their lives and that they experience overwhelming peace.

  • My cousin just passed away unexpectedly. I'd appreciate prayer for his mother and our family during this tough time. I pray the Lord can give us peace and reveal himself to the non-believers of the family. There are some previously existing, unsettled disagreements between certain family members and I pray that as everyone comes together those relationships can be healed.