Daily Prayer Requests

  • Thank you for praying for the twins. They are back in Idaho. John is at St. Luke’s NICU. He is doing well, focusing on growth and his oxygen levels. Adrian is doing well too. Pray for strength and provision for the days to come.

  • Pray for Ron’s shoulder surgery.

  • Pray for Cheri who has a blood clot.

  • Pray for Mark and Joselyn for their August 11th wedding.

  • Pray for laborers for hospitality and the picnic.

  • Salvation for Alex, Ali, Nick and Natalie, Mike, Sara and Derek, Kody, Julie and Matthew and baby to be.

  • Please pray for an 8 month old baby just diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for Shelby, a single mom waiting to see if her cancer has returned.

  • Jaynie needs guidance and wisdom on the new business started that’s not doing so well, but truly believes was called to be doing this.

  • Continued prayer for Jordan. He has moved out and we don’t know where he is.

  • Pray for me to be humble, patient, kind and a wise wife.

  • Pray for financial blessings.

  • Pray for guidance for Ryan and Tony on their financial decisions with the influence of Christ in the immediate future.

  • Pray for me for finances to be caught up, and mental awareness. God’s will for me with guidance, capability to love myself and others. Resolution to legal matters. A wonderful woman for me.

  • Please pray for my son Andy. Praise God for His mighty deliverances and blessings in Andy’s life. Andy is vulnerable now, in a cross-fire of spiritual attack and worldly trials with his business, relatives, feeling isolated – possibly abandoned. Ask God to give him wisdom, strength, protection, Christ’s companionship, fresh indwelling of the Holy Spirit and a clear vision of God’s kingdom and more.

  • Please pray for my son’s release from bondage of sin.