Daily Prayer Requests

  • Prayer for Nick who is going through a lot right now. He used to attend youth group here, but has not been back since; he's older now. He's going through a lot medically as well.

  • Please extend prayers for my son Noah who is dealing with a bitter custody battle. I want him to join me in Boise from California.

  • Please pray for my bi-polar husband who is angry and lost. His anger hurts me and I am always afraid of the next episode.  I have severe depression and anxiety.  We are married 42 years and still in love.

  • Please pray for Charles. He’s been having tests to determine why his white and red blood cell count is too low. Bone marrow test is next. He loves the Lord.

  • Please pray for our daughter’s health. Pray for our son’s sickness. Pray for father-in-law’s back issues.

  • Praise!! My son Jon and Rod’s ex-wife are healing great from their kidney transplant.  Pray for continued healing.  Pray for Rod for wisdom on how to grow-manage his business.  Pray for our children that don’t follow Jesus to know Him in a personal way.

  • Pray for my buddy Keaton for salvation. Pray that my life would be a beautiful example of Jesus’ love, especially next weekend as I have my hockey team over to my house.  And as I continue playing hockey with men and women who may not know Him.

  • Break my will – I struggle beyond belief to ask. I need this done.

  • I would like prayer for my brother’s son. He’s still fighting blood infections. God bless you all.