Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Tiffany to keep growing in faith, always

  • Please pray for strength for Philo and healing for Carlos.

  • Please pray for Eli who has a kidney check-up appointment in the coming months. Pray for healing with no further care needed and the faith to still praise Him if surgery is God’s will.

  • Please pray for calm and well-organized church services.

  • Please pray Rick who is going through a divorce. He and his daughter as well as his soon-to-be ex-wife just need God's wisdom as they go through this tragedy. Please pray for God's grace to be on the Family as they find themselves dividing. Pray for the children to be carried by his spirit and Grace through the divorce.

  • She is going in for surgery next week to correct her back. She has scoliosis and they are going to do surgery to fuse her back and straighten things out. She and her parents are nervous about the surgery and are just asking us to pray for God's hand to be in it all.

  • Pray for Jayden, who is continuing to recover. He still has a ways to go, and has his feeding tube, feeding therapy, physical therapy, and nursing care. Pray for his continued healing, and for mom’s milk supply to continue to build, so he can gain weight faster.

  • I want to thank you for your prayers for the twins. Adrian is doing well, gaining weight. He is a little jaundiced and they are monitoring his levels. John had to go back to NICU from another area of hospital on Sunday night. He was having problems with oxygen and breathing. He is back off oxygen but still in NICU. He is eating well through a feeding tube and gaining weight overall. Please keep praying for the whole family. Big sisters are having a hard time as well as parents not being able to have John with them. God is helping every day.

  • Pray for my uncle David he is in hospital with some breathing and blood levels off. Don't have much more info. He needs to come to Jesus.

  • 6 years ago, the Lord blessed us with the adoption of our first son. He was given up by a birthmother deep into addiction. The birthmother kept the 15month older sister and shortly after the adoption had two other boys. The siblings left behind have been in and out for foster care. Please pray for a hedge of protection around them. If it be God’s will, may He make way a path for us to bring them home.

  • Pray for a believer from our church who lives close to Dee to come alongside her to help, at least once a week take out her trash, and once a month pickup & deliver her EBT(food stamp) order for groceries.