Daily Prayer Requests

  • My son Ben will graduate from college soon. Jobs in his field are limited and hard to get. I am asking for prayers that God will open a door of opportunity and he will be blessed with a good job in his field close to home. Thank you and God bless.

  • Please pray for the Calvary Boise mission team heading to Romania to July 17-28 to support Calvary Chapel Bistrita’s annual English Camp outreach to kids. Traveling from Calvary Boise are Greg and Suzanne Porterfield (and their two girls), Andrea Graham and Kris Long. They will be joining the Fouts family, Natalie Bridges and members of CC Bistrita to serve as organizers and teachers during the camp. There are English classes during the day and activities in the evening to build relationships and share the gospel with the kids. Included in their two-week visit, team members will also volunteer at a local orphanage. The Porterfields will be staying on an additional month. Please pray for travel mercies and the Lord's blessing in reaching these kids with the gospel.

  • We recently moved from Peru to California to Idaho. Our van just stopped working as soon as we got here. Pray that we can fix it and that my husband finds a job soon.

  • Since learning of my husband's infidelity in January, I feel like my life has spiraled out my control. I feel like a failure as a wife and especially lately as a mother. I fear that I am destroying my sweet children day by day. I'm working through the Healed and Set Free bible study and I just feel like I'm not doing any of it right because I don't feel any better. I'm always angry, I'm always short-tempered and I feel nowhere closer to forgiving my husband (or myself for my many sins). Feeling lost and adrift at sea and I just need God to SHOW ME what to do. If He's working, I'm missing it. I need wisdom, courage, and an entire change of heart. This one I've got is utterly polluted.

  • I’ve been through a lot these last couple months to the point of suicide. Please pray for these negative feelings to be cleansed from me.

  • We took my daughter to the orthodontist to try to find a solution to an ongoing issue. He was very kind and wise, but the news he gave us was not good. I am absolutely heartbroken once again and don’t understand why or what God is doing. Please pray for me.

  • Please pray for my financial aid to go through for school.

  • Pray for Denise's son Michael who is leaving tomorrow to begin basic training for the Army. Pray for God to be with him and keep him safe.