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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Jordan. He is struggling with the demons of drug abuse, alcoholism, lust and finishing school with a baby on the way.

  • Praise! My wife has softened her heart to reaching out to me. Praise for my son Ezra and his substance addiction. Pray his wife stays strong.

  • Pray to watch over my mother as she’s walking away from an abusive relationship. Pray for my worry.

  • Pray for Ron who needs surgery for a shoulder he hurt in a bike accident.

  • Pray for Stephanie with shingles.

  • Pray for Mark and Jocelyn and their upcoming marriage.

  • Pray for James and Jennie and their upcoming travels.

  • Pray for Kyle and Rebecca who just got engaged.

  • Pray for Bod with several surgeries on his shoulder and back. Pray for his salvation, too.

  • Pray for Brian in training class and possible job change.

  • Pray that the NLP at the mission accepts me into their program before this all ends.

  • Please pray for Steve Nell who had a stroke and he has only eye movement to communicate.

  • I feel lost and unconnected with the Lord. My dad has been such a blessing and has helped with what he can, but I feel like a burden on him.