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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray that the Lord would touch my friend Samantha with His healing hands. She has leukemia.

  • Also please pray for the Lord to find a way to extract my friend Jamie from the grip of opiates.

  • Please pray for my daughter Twila Jo and me to be able to reconnect with each other.

  • I am a Christian guy and law student. I need a prayer to secure an articling position or any suitable position in the government. I have been studying hard and currently doing a job that is not related to the legal field, which is making me feel down. I also need a prayer to pass my driving test because I need the driving license as soon as possible.

  • Please pray for our marital counselor, Micheal. He is having a much-needed back surgery on Thursday. Pray that he recovers well and quickly as his Godly counsel is so wonderful to us and others! (He’s also an awesome pastor!) Pray that he is blessed and protected in this process and comes out of it feeling so much better with his back pain. We just started seeing him and it has been making such a difference. Pray that the enemy doesn’t use this to keep him away from those he helps.

  • Pray for my husband and mom for God to save their souls and to make them repent.

  • Please pray for Bess. She is full of love and gives, but has so little and feels like she is not right with God. Help her feel God’s love, find peace and be blessed in her life.

  • Pray for lines of communication with current landlord or if it’s God’s will for a new landlord/house in the Boise area.

  • Please pray for my family to come closer to Christ and for me to find fellowship to worship, to learn and grow in my walk with God.

  • Pray for success with the Star Christian Library, and for the financing needed ($45,000 by July 31st).

  • I’m new to Idaho and the Boise area. Please pray for quick adjustment and for God’s grace and for my son to join me.

  • Pray for my boyfriend’s sentencing on July 17th. Continuing my path in my recovery and sobriety. Rebuilding relationships and making amends with those I hurt while using drugs and alcohol.

  • Pray for our son Nyck who needs a full-time job, breakthrough from depression and deep wounds form church people. He also needs a roommate ASAP.

  • Please pray for my marriage and pray for me to find a better paying job. Pray for me to find a different place for us to move to. Pray that God would work in Stephen.

  • Pray for our son who was recently released from incarceration. Pray for Jesus to be in his heart. For him to be on the right path, the right housing, the right job and wisdom for us, his parents.

  • Pray for the youth mission trip.

  • We are currently in process of building a home in Nampa. Please pray all goes well and smooth. Also to place God first in my family’s lives.