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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Donna who lost a friend to a heart attack.

  • Please pray that the moles on my feet will not show cancer and the biopsy be negative. Pray for unsaved loved ones.

  • We are going to be adopting from foster care. Prayers for our 3 kids and for our future kids are so appreciated!

  • Pray for Brad and me for medical stuff.  Pray for Cody-unspoken.  Pray for Chelsea’s travels.

  • Continued prayers for healing for my finger and knee.

  • Pray for Rod for God’s wisdom for business. God to open and close His doors. For Rod and me to walk with the Holy Spirit every moment and to teach Matthew “How Great He Is!”

  • We were called to Northern Idaho. Pray for job opportunities and housing.

  • Pray for Coby’s healing.

  • Pray that my aunt Nancy will find a rental home. Her house burned down in December and she has been living in a hotel since then.

  • My cousin Delia is going through chemo treatment for breast cancer. She is a strong Christian.

  • Please pray for Cindi Williams as she goes through chemo and radiation treatments for bladder cancer.