Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for a godly man to marry according to His will.  Pray for a part time job.

  • Please pray for my son Aaron to find a job.  He has been plagued by depression and anxiety and now is trying for the first time to move forward and rely on God.

  • I have a friend who desperately needs God to reach down in the dark pit he is in right now.  He is very into drugs and is on a downward path.

  • Pray for Amanda for her legs to heal after being broken in an accident.

  • Pray for Dannelle after multiple miscarriages. She so wants a successful pregnancy to add a baby to her family.

  • Pray for Schuyler and Megan getting married 9/9/19.

  • Pray for Steve and Tina to humble their hearts.

  • Pray for Harry to heal his heart after his wife passed away earlier this year.

  • Pray for Leslie for healing from cancer, gallstones, and pancreatitis. God’s protection and provision in the midst of the storm.

  • Praying for my two daughters to be able to follow Terri and me out here to Idaho to raise our grandchildren and have both daughters close. Pray for Terri’s digestive health.