Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray!  Kindra is in labor with the twins.  Not sure how far…last I heard was 5 cm at 11 P.M. Saturday night.  Please pray for doctor’s wisdom, sure hands, and quick thinking.  Baby B (John) will most likely have to have surgery soon after birth.

  • I need a job.

  • My son needs a roommate by August 2nd.

  • Pray for my husband who battles severe anxiety every day. Pray that he continues to trust in the Lord. I pray for our baby on the way that she and I stay healthy and continue to live a God-filled life.

  • Pray for Brad as he meets with a specialist tomorrow to find out if he has cancer. Praying that God would remove it and all will be well.

  • Pray for order and peace during this time of transition. May we communicate and listen with open hearts and clarity in the Spirit of God.

  • Please pray for my friend Kevin to turn from Mormonism and find the true Jesus Christ.

  • Please pray that I get closer to God and stay sober.

  • I’m accepting a new position with a new company tomorrow.  Please pray.

  • Please pray for my family as we spend this week together; help me to be a witness for Jesus!

  • Please pray for Shirley, who was admitted to the hospital Monday morning. Her melanoma has spread and she’s being put into hospice. Please pray for Shirley, her daughter Judy, and the rest of her family as they seek to be who and where God wants them to be during this time of transition.