Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Brian as he injured himself last Friday. Definitely feeling better this week, but still needing prayer for a complete recovery.

  • My niece is not in labor but they are keeping her in hospital until the babies are born. She is borderline preeclampsia, so if her blood pressure goes up to a certain level or if baby's heart rates drop below a certain level, they will induce. The original induction date was set for the 8th, we'll see. The doctors are concerned about Baby John (B) is not responding as expected.

  • Please be in prayer for Paul, who is in a lot of pain right now with a bad ear infection and fever. Prayer for comfort and peace for his family as well.

  • Keep praying for Chris and his cancer. Literally only a miracle can cure his cancer now. He is with his family in New Jersey receiving treatment but his body isn't responding to it. 

  • Please pray for a healthy pregnancy and for us to get ready for this new adventure! 

  • Daniel has been quite difficult lately, rebelling and ignoring what we say. Please pray for his heart, because even at a young age God can do mighty things. 

  • Please pray for the salvation of my brothers and sisters. Their names are Veronica, Max, Violet, Charles, Samantha, and Elisa.