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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me as I deal with mental illnesses, divorce, and a manipulative ex-husband.

  • Please pray for comfort for Glenda’s family and friends as they grieve her loss.

  • Please pray that I would hear and know and obey God’s heart and plan for me as I get older.

  • Please pray for Barbara, who the doctors think is having heart attacks. She does not know Jesus.

  • Please pray for my brother Mike and his wife Tracy, that they let Jesus come into their lives and they clean up and become sober.

  • Please pray for my safety and my children’s safety this coming week, coming out of an unsafe relationship.

  • Pray that Rod seeks God’s wisdom for all things. Pray for healing of our family on family vacation a week ago. For myself to continue to sacrifice for others to see Jesus.

  • Please pray for healing for mom and dad and Ron.