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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me to stay consistent in my love for Jesus, instead of the flesh. I am also struggling to just let go and trust God with every aspect of my life.

  • Please pray for Taylor, a young man who was in a serious hang gliding accident in Spain. He is having surgery tonight but is in a great deal of pain. His sister is with him but his mother is stateside & very worried so please pray for her too.

  • Please pray for me to keep my eyes and heart on God. I need to find strength in Him and not my own means. It’s hard when I’ve been fighting alone for so long.

  • Please pray for Lorenzo who is fighting prostate cancer.

  • Please pray for Heather Jones, for her kidney function to not get worse. She just found out she is currently in stage 2 of kidney disease.

  • Please pray for Carmen's knee to heal and strengthen after having surgery.

  • Please pray for me, for relief from traumatic flashbacks.

  • Pray for the peace of Christ, strength, guidance, and wisdom. To love unconditionally.

  • Please pray for Jason's upcoming biopsy of a mass on his lower gum of his mouth and for the insurance that he has would help him to pay. Please pray that the biopsy would be negative for cancer.