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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that I would be able to purchase the home God wants me to buy.

  • Please pray for my daughter Lisa, for deliverance. For her marriage as well is abusive. Also for their son Devin that he’s able to go to summer school to catch up with his grades.

  • Please pray for Sam.

  • Please pray for Alayna, the 14-year-old who lives in a dangerous drug house. She has learning disabilities and is at high risk for sexual exploitation.

  • Please pray for a job for Elisa with a better work environment.

  • My family member tried to help some children who were being neglected and not being fed by another family member and is now being sued for kidnapping. It’s really sad because the people who are suing don’t care enough to feed their kids so much so that their language and growth are both far below what they should be for their ages. We’re concerned for the children’s welfare if they have to go back. Also please pray the negligent family member would drop the suit.

  • Pray for healing of Linda’s back.