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Daily Prayer Requests

  • My niece is leaving for Seattle, if she doesn’t have the babies before. Please pray for good health for mom and babies, and for our schedule of visiting her, provision for hotels and airfare and gas for all concerned.

  • Pray for healing for DJ who has been sick this week.

  • Pray for God’s direction for a business meeting my husband has with a big company. For myself to fast from having any drink to walk spiritually each day. To be a light. Pray for my family to have unity, there were some problems on vacation.

  • Please pray that Jeremiah would come back to God, fall in love with Him, and follow God with all his heart, mind, and strength.

  • Pray for Oscar to have balance between work and family.

  • My father's been going through a very rough time in various ways and now he is pretty sure his achilles popped, which would require serious surgery and recovery time. My dad needs prayer for a miraculous work (whatever that may look like in the hands of God).

  • Please pray for Cindi who has bladder cancer.