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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that a bed would open up for my sister at Chrysalis. She was able to stay there on an emergency basis, and that is a huge answer to prayer! Pray that she would finish the program and get clean. More than anything, please continue to pray that she would come back to God. That is the true healing she needs and her soul craves.

  • Pray for Brenda to have the joy of the Lord. Pray for God's grace in the midst of many trials and tribulations related to health, housing, finances, and family.

  • My friend, Jordan, who I care for dearly, is going through a great trial right now. I don't know what is occurring, however she has had an incredibly hard time with a recent series of relationships and given all I know, I believe she is now pregnant and adrift. I can't be there for her anymore, I'm not strong enough to become involved anymore. I need her to be okay, to overcome this trial and return to the Lord. I pray she is okay, and that this trial passes over her.

  • Please pray for the lost to find Jesus!

  • Please pray for my friend Chad.  He was diagnosed with colon cancer, had surgery and chemo, and is now cancer free. Praise God! He just had another surgery to put his body back together.  Please pray for a speedy recovery.

  • Please pray for my mom to have the strength from the Lord to stand up to my dad's abuse and live in the fact that it's not ok. And against his retaliation on her for standing up for herself.

  • I have difficult health issues and am seeing my doctor on Tuesday. Please pray it goes well.

  • My husband’s health, against enemy attack as we’ve stepped out in faith, provision, that he can finish his project, and what the next step is.