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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the Lord to protect us as we drive down to Mexico to visit my wife’s family. There are drug gangs that drive through the town at times and there are no police there.

  • Please pray for the Almich family. Their 8-year-old daughter, who is now doing well and thriving, was born with a congenital heart condition. To help explain it to her, her mom made her a stuffed animal that matched her condition and medical experience, including a zipper where her scar is, and a mended heart inside. This has turned into a family business, making similar animals for other young patients. They are now praying that awareness would be raised, so that they can be helpful to other families who are facing difficult medical battles with their little ones.

  • Pray for salvation for my cousin Buddie.

  • Pray that God would open doors for Andrea to find an attorney to help her with her situation, and that my aunt has peace.

  • Pray for healing for my brother in Christ Chris who is going into surgery to have some cancer removed.

  • Please pray for me for spiritual growth.

  • Please pray for my daughter Twila Jo who is struggling and for my friend Jamie to choose to accept Christ and break free from the grip of opiates. Also for my friend Samantha who has leukemia.

  • Pray for the men and women who stay at the Boise Rescue Mission. Pray for reunification with their families and growth in their walk with God.

  • Pray for our children and for God to continue to strengthen us and lead us in His will.