Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me that God would make me a more effective teacher. Also, please pray for my son is going through a difficult time.

  • Please pray for Diana Lockwood, who is facing homelessness. Please pray for safety, God's provision, and her relationship with her family. In the midst of this all, please pray that the Lord would provide her rest for her soul, and peace in her heart.

  • Praise for God's peace after a difficult breakup. I ask for continued prayer that God would renew our faith in Him during this time apart and help us lay a new foundation.

  • Please continue to pray for my sister Keren. She is waiting for a phone call to set up an interview with Chrysalis. Apparently they need to accept her into the program and this interview has something to do with it. Please pray that she will do the interview and they will accept her into the program. My mom is hoping for this week. Pray that she will have the patience and fortitude to follow through.

  • I have a court date this week, please pray that the charges get dropped. I haven’t hurt anyone, I was just dumb. I have a family I love.

  • Please pray for Margaret, that she would be set free from spiritual oppression that has continued for quite some time.

  • Please pray for my brother Larry, in Oregon State Penitentiary, who has currently served approximately 3.5 years of a 70-month sentence. He has reformed well and is a strong man of faith (he has always had a strong relationship with the Lord long before his incarceration but got lost). He has submitted a request for Clemency. We feel he has a good chance of being granted early release within 6 months. We would like to ask, if it is the will of God he be granted the Clemency and gain early release.

  • Please pray for my niece and the twin babies to come. She went to hospital today because she was having contractions pretty close together. They gave her a couple of shots that have quieted things a bit. She is due to go to Seattle on the 19th. Please pray for the Lord's timing floor these boys to arrive. They also keep counseling them for disturbing options for baby b, which the parents do not want. Thanks for your faithful prayers. God has created these boys (Psalm 139). Please pray for strength and hope and healing.