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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for an apartment for me to live in with a roommate and have good times praising God. Just pray for my life in general.

  • Please pray for my brother Mike and his girlfriend Tracy who have gotten a chance to get clean and straighten their life out. Please Jesus bring them to You and wash the scales from their eyes as You did Saul.

  • Please pray for my two nieces and nephew who are living without their mom for the last four years. They all need Jesus. Pray if it’s God’s plan I can visit my middle niece this summer.

  • Praise the Lord, we had wonderful travels! Please pray for our son, that he would do well at work, and for other issues. Pray also for an open door at my work.

  • Please pray for Tommy, he has a blood infection and we don’t want it to damage his heart.

  • Pray for Oscar, he is struggling to make time for his family due to his work requiring much time from him.

  • Pray for Jimmy—health issues including swollen hand and breathing problem.

  • Please continue to pray for Colin as he begins this next round of chemo. He is in the hospital now receiving his first dose, so they can monitor his reaction. He may be released this afternoon. This round will be daily doses for two weeks. Please pray that he tolerates these meds well with minimal side effects. Pray for total healing, and for God’s peace and strength.