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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Magdalena and her son who are experiencing spiritual warfare. Pray for a sound mind and that the Lord would give them wisdom and discernment regarding various situations they are facing.

  • Pray for Anthony’s upcoming eye surgery, schedule for Monday, July 15. Pray also for God’s grace and provision for the work he does. A cornea surgeon and a retinal surgeon will drain his right eye, remove his dislocated lens and replace it with another lens. The recovery time is two weeks with restricted lifting, but he can resume other normal activities. Prognosis is good! Also, he is scheduled to be at White House press meetings to report the truth in the midst of some challenging issues regarding Israel and the U.S.

  • Pray for Camille as she is applying to a new job that would allow her to work with her spouse. Pray also for a quick recovery of her upcoming surgery, getting a surgical tool removed from her abdomen. Also pray for wisdom for her son to make good decisions financially.

  • Pray for Samantha and Chris, who are not currently attending church, but open to it. They are trying to find a schedule that will work for both of them to attend together.

  • Jason asks for prayer for his family to be safe riding motorcycles.

  • Pray that my cousin Buddie would surrender to Jesus.

  • Pray for my uncle who recently left my aunt to be with another woman. Pray that he would recognize his need for Jesus, and that he would allow Him to transform his life.

  • Pray for my friends Brad and Bill to have more of God in their lives, and that they would be set free from spiritual oppression.

  • I ask for prayer to help me keep my eye on the Lord. I feel alone right now. My only companion is the Lord and His Word I hold in my hands. Satan is trying to tell me I need more. Pray that I will be filled up.

  • Pray for health for people who need it the most. Pray for all to be thankful and courageous to live in a way Jesus would like us to live.