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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the homeless.

  • Pray for Anthony’s upcoming eye surgery, schedule for Monday, July 15. Pray also for God’s grace and provision for the work he does. A cornea surgeon and a retinal surgeon will drain his right eye, remove his dislocated lens and replace it with another lens. The recovery time is two weeks with restricted lifting, but he can resume other normal activities. Prognosis is good! Also, he is scheduled to be at White House press meetings to report the truth in the midst of some challenging issues regarding Israel and the U.S.

  • Please pray for John’s health.

  • Please pray for Jonathan and Bailee, both are in halfway houses. They are struggling with finding work with a felony conviction. Pray that they would seek God in all of this since neither have been churched previously. 

  • Pray for the Lord to forgive me for he things I have done in the past and will do in the future. I pray also that my family is safe.

  • Pray for my depression to heal. Pray also for God to help me get back into church and to follow His ways and not the ways of the world.

  • Heidi is a believer who is headed in for urgent neurosurgery on Monday. I don’t know all the details, I haven’t been able to hear why, but she went in for a doctor’s appointment, and found out she needs immediate surgery. Please pray for her to experience comfort and peace of mind. She feels alone and doesn’t know how she will pay for the bills.

  • Please pray for Sylvia dealing with family stress and housing.

  • Please pray for Karen and her upcoming health procedure.

  • My husband is submitting to darkness. He is living his life in fear, frustration and anger. I have been hoping and praying for reconciliation for our marriage and our business together, but every time a breakthrough has happened and walls are coming down, he listens to the enemy and it gets worse. I know that God is faithfully working behind the scenes anyway but this is all so disheartening. Please pray for strength for our family as we try to continue our mission of representing Jesus in our business while Satan attacks that. Pray for my husband to be released of the chains that are holding him back from freedom and a life more abundant! Pray that our loving God will intercede and give us hope to endure. Ultimately, please pray for my husband’s salvation, because Jesus is the answer.