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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Prayer for money to get a place this weekend.

  • Please pray for healing for Tammy who has a bad knee and other health problems. Her job is very physical and so she is hoping that she can move to another position at work. Pray also for rest and God's grace.

  • Please pray for Nick to have patience with his family.

  • Please continue to pray for Delores’s health.

  • Please pray for my wife. She is having drama at work and is feeling anxious and ashamed.

  • Please pray for my mom and stepdad's marriage. My mom has recently returned to the Lord and they are encountering some serious spiritual warfare. He has said some very hurtful things and her heart is broken, but she's turning to the Lord and seeking prayer.

  • Please pray for Cherie as she struggles with her immune system.

  • Pray for Shelley and her two kids, age 5 and 6. They are just leaving an abusive situation with her ex-husband (he physically abused her in front of her kids). Now, she is trying to find a new home for her, her two kids, and her mom.

  • Please pray for Trea’s new school.

  • Pray that the Lord would provide housing for the Harrell family (our missionaries in Rome, Italy) during their stay in the Boise June 18-27.