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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for protection, deliverance, and comfort for Alayna. That God would reveal Himself to her and bring her home to us.

  • Please help me pray for my friend Melissa’s mother Connie. They are in Italy on a vacation and Connie has become very ill. She has a 4x4 inch lesion on her liver that has become septic. They are supposed to leave for home here in Idaho on Friday but the doctors don’t believe she will be able to leave with the family. I asked Melissa how I could help and she asked me to start a prayer chain. Please join me in prayer to ask that God would heal Connie so she can return to the USA with her family.

  • Pray for my husband Kenneth’s health and our financial hardship.

  • Pray for all my loved ones and family to be touched by Jesus in some way and to feel His touch. Pray for all their salvation.

  • Please pray for Isaac and Celinda as they are unbelievers.

  • Today, I had to report some unprofessional activity to upper management on my new job that I just started. The situation was very uncomfortable and stressful, as I was just very thankful to have a job. However, I told them today that I wouldn't be returning to the site where I had the negative experiences. Other than that site, the company seems really amazing and I'm hoping they will absorb me somewhere more appropriate and positive. If not, I pray the Lord will provide something better. Also, my husband is finalizing some important aspects of his 2-year Work Comp case this week, with his attorney, doctors, etc. Please pray for God's favor and direction.

  • Please pray that my ex and I can mend our family and be together as a family again.