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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for my family business. We have experienced strife because of Satan attacking me through my husband, who does not know God. It has been very difficult to still focus on the mission that God has set before us through this business with all of this hurt. My husband is also a vital part of the business but is not caring about many of his commitments or those involved. Please pray for all of us who do know Jesus to be a light and have the motivation and discernment to move forward boldly and in love. I pray that our business will be blessed instead of attacked, and that I will be able to have patience in this trial and motivation daily to do what is needed to grow this business to help more people for God. Pray that I will focus on the good and be "anxious for nothing" when making decisions.

  • Please pray that Melissa’s immediate housing and financial needs will be provided. She has little funds left and needs to be out of the camper she is staying in within a couple of more days. Pray also for the healing and safety of her daughter.

  • Pray for Sharon regarding spiritual warfare in her home. Pray that God would reveal Himself, through Jesus, to their household, that she would gain a desire and understanding as she reads the Word, and that her sons Brandon (15) & Ryan (19) would stay sober, and seek God instead of the plans of the enemy. Her older son at times has been using meth, and at times is trying to make vows to demons, intentionally walking away from the Lord and Truth. We need to pray for God's spiritual protection over her family.

  • Please pray for my wife. She is struggling with addiction to pain medications. She has physical and emotional withdrawals and feels ashamed and guilty for the impact it has had on her life and relationships with others. Please pray for her health, and that she is guided back into the light of God's love and mercy.

  • Pray for Crystel that God would provide a contractor to remodel a bathroom for her wheelchair-bound daughter. Pray for the sale of a home and provision to move into a condo.

  • Please pray for salvation for Rhonda’s five children. Pray also that she finds a job that suits her, and a home.

  • Please pray for Vicki, Leo, and Anita. Pray also for Shawna and her apartment.

  • Pray for my brother Chris, that his test results come back clear and non-cancerous. For myself, for God to continue using me and to continue strengthening me.

  • Please pray for my friend who is having horrible morning sickness.