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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for an older gentleman named Dennis who is currently looking for a new house to rent. The landlord for the place he’s currently living in decided to sell the house, so now Dennis is forced to be out in 30 days. He is single and retired. He was living with his 25-year-old son up until recently; his son has decided to move out on his own. He was working at Lyle Pearson prior to retirement. He is a believer who strongly believes in the power of prayer and is believing that the Lord is going to guide him through this process

  • Please pray that my family and I are able to get the home that we need and have a smooth transition during these trying times.

  • Please pray for the Lord to provide exceedingly abundantly financially.

  • There is a post-abortion healing retreat in June.  We ask that God will bring the women who want and need spiritual healing; that He'll prepare their hearts; provide wisdom and love to the leaders; unity and joy for all; and most of all, that God will be glorified and His name be praised as a result of this outreach.

  • I need a miracle healing from emphysema and to regain weight I have lost. The Lord is the only One that can heal me.

  • Please pray for me, I am having some health problems and have very limited energy. Also pray for the people who attend our home group – one person’s mom just died and another's dad is dying. Several have very difficult job situations and health problems.

  • Pray for the 2-bedroom house to open up this weekend!

  • Pray that my daughter, who is 7 years old, gets returned to me ASAP.

  • Pray for John to complete the NLP program and to gain more patience with his peers.