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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Praise the Lord, my school is funded by vocational rehab. Also, I got an apartment and will be moving out in a week!

  • Pray that my dad sleeps well, and that my interstate compact goes through.

  • Pray for God to stop the bad storms and comfort tornado victims.

  • Pray for my mental and physical health. Pray for my friend Larissa and her struggles. Pray for my drug addiction to stay at bay. For my family to be whole again. For court on May 22.

  • Pray for my 7-year-old daughter to be returned to me from CPS very soon.

  • Please pray for God to remove the situation I am in and lift the burden of stress. That I am able to keep my job and be around for my child. To be forgiven for my mistakes and sins, and heal mentally.

  • Pray that my mom would find a place.

  • Pray that we would all have peace and trust in the Lord over all the worries of life.