Daily Prayer Requests

  • Barbara asks for prayer for her only son Richard. He needs deliverance and healing from mental and emotional pain. He has been abused most of his life (he is 39). He is currently going through court proceedings for a divorce. His wife has had affairs for 3 years, and had a child as a result. He left the church because of that. He is now living with another woman, dealing with pain, and isolating himself. Please pray against any potential addictions, and that God would draw him back to Himself and bring him out of the darkness he’s in.

  • Please pray for my niece Meghan. She has fallen into some darkness and recently posted on Facebook that she has had an abortion.

  • Please pray that my ECG shows what is going on inside my body.

  • Praise the Lord, Rod’s meeting in North Carolina went perfectly!  Pray for Rod to have godly wisdom with business and finances and balance. Pray for me to be a light to my family and clients and a voice for God!

  • My family is being forced to vacate our apartment on May 31. We have been blessed that we were able to purchase a nice travel trailer to live in. The problem is that we have not been able to find a RV Park to live in. Please pray that we will be blessed with a place to park it soon.

  • Please pray for Willy that God will deliver him from depression from the Parkinson’s. Pray for me that I wouldn’t be so afraid of leaving him alone. I am missing church among other things. Also, my back and hips are in a lot of pain, causing sleeplessness.

  • Please pray for a young couple named Candice & Logan who are currently homeless, they have a dog and they are looking for a small trailer that they might be able to stay in. They are also looking for work as well.