Daily Prayer Requests

  • Thank you for praying for my family.  The unborn twins (29 weeks) need continued prayer, especially baby B with possible heart and brain problems.

  • Please pray for peace for two family members who are living together out of sacrifice and necessity.

  • Please pray for John who is having heart surgery this week. He has congestive heart problems and problems with his kidneys.

  • Pray for peace of Jerusalem.

  • Please pray I get closer to my children and bring them closer to Jesus, and pray I say the right things to them to help them do this. Pray Thae’a answers her phone.

  • Please pray for Alayna, the 14 year old. She is moving back with her mom who does meth. Alayna is at risk for being pimped out to pay for her drug use. Her stepdad is abusive, but presents well.

  • I have such a good job now. God provides greatly.