Daily Prayer Requests

  • PRAISE THE LORD JESUS!!! Derick had a new MRI taken and the doctor in San Francisco said it is a clearer, higher quality MRI with more cuts than the MRIs he has had done before. And that's not all…there appears to be a slight improvement as if there is tumor shrinkage! This is truly the hand of God because it does not happen with this disease! Thank you all so very much for your prayers. Please continue in prayer for 100 percent healing as there is no treatment for this. God has had his hand on Derick. He has had a cold for a month now, and we’re praying for healing from that. We are also still praying they reinstate his and his son Justin's health insurance too.

  • Please pray for me as I heal from the mastectomy I had three weeks ago. I would ask for prayers for continued healing and wisdom regarding the next steps. I have two conflicting medical opinions, and I am waiting on the results of one more test to know the treatment I will need next. Also, prayer for the mastectomy site, that the skin will continue to stay healthy and my body will accept the breast implant that was placed. 

  • Pray for Billy that he does not get divorced and gets saved.

  • Please pray for my wife Jennifer’s godson Mikey who recently had a baby girl (Maddison) who was taken away by social services because drugs were found in her system. Nancy, Maddison's mom, used drugs throughout the entire pregnancy. My wife’s lifelong friend Sara, Mikey's mom, is hoping that Jennifer and I ask social services to let us foster the baby. Nancy is hoping that her mother will end up taking Maddison (Nancy’s mother also was forced to take Nancy's other two children, one of whom is Autistic). All parties need the Lord's guidance, wisdom, and discernment on what is best for the child. Only Sara is a believer.

  • Pray for Rick with cancer.

  • Please pray for Jim Schwartz. He has contracted a parasite and is afraid of death or something worse. He is asking for God to help him get help in getting rid of the parasite even though doctors say it is not curable. Please pray for him and his health. Pray for God to give him great faith and a great love for Jesus.

  • Pray for my work and the stress it’s been giving me.