Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for my friend Destiny's family. Her dad was sick with cancer.

  • Please pray for my brother. He’s in trouble with some violent people. Please pray for his safety. Please pray for ours as well. Also please don’t post my name.

  • Please pray for Troy who recently had a heart attack.

  • Please pray for a friend who has been experiencing verbal abuse for years in her marriage. Pray that this sweet lady would feel God’s peace and presence especially when she is being verbally attacked and that her husband would be miraculously transformed and do a work that only He can do.

  • Pray for Jesse and his relationship with the Lord, and for his relationship with a friend of his.

  • Pray for Joe and his dad who has Alzheimer’s.

  • Please pray for my daughter Mattye to be delivered from opioid addiction. Please ask God to restore her to her rightful place in His Kingdom and that she’d live for Him. Please also pray for our opioid crisis.