Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray that I would be able to control my anger and have help with my addictions. Mostly, pray that I would get closer to the Lord.

  • Please pray for the men in the New Life Recovery Program, their families, and for growth in their spiritual walk with God. Also please pray for healing of my leg and positive thoughts through my recovery.

  • Pray for peace in Yemen and for the aid to get there as 85,000 died this past year.

  • My job is really difficult right now. I feel like I’m getting attacked. Please pray.

  • Please pray for Willy who is becoming depressed due to his Parkinson’s disease. That he will come back to fellowship, and for me to be able to minister with wisdom and God’s perfect love.

  • Please pray for my grandson Tim in prison, and for Raymond to get back into fellowship.

  • Pray for safety for my friend Luz in Columbia and her two kids.

  • Pray for Diana that she will be able to find a transportation service or a means of transportation so she can get to where she needs for errands and appointments. She is facing physical limitations currently due to injury. Pray also for her son Nicholas to find a job.