Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Shane and Maria for God's leading for their marriage and for freedom from bitterness from "past hurts by hypocritical Christian churches." Prayer for healing for his cracked tooth, and also for someone with a truck to help them move their furniture sometime this week.

  • While I know God is working all things for good, I still struggle daily in having motivation. I own a business with my family and my husband has basically abandoned me and it. Because of this so many things are getting left undone and opportunities missed. I pray that Jesus put it on my husband’s heart to step up and be the man he was made to be. Please pray that the Lord fill me with hope and give me the motivation to endure. That He give me focus and discernment going forward to glorify His name and fulfill His purpose for my life.

  • Pray for my friend Carrie; on Christmas Eve she found out her husband was cheating. She gave him another chance with counseling but he has continued to cheat. They have 2 young sons. Then a few weeks ago her mother died. She is trying to navigate honoring her mom and her divorce while trying to figure out living arrangements too. Pray that she come to truly know the Lord in this mess and rely solely on Him for wisdom and for her future. Pray that I can be a light to her as a supportive friend.

  • Please pray for relief from seizures and other mental health problems. To have hope and believe all the time. For love and for God to give me patience for the great man He chooses for me. And that whatever His plan is for me is by His will only. Not only that, but for acceptance and protection.

  • Please pray for discernment. I have a brain tumor. The doctors want to do radiation or surgery, the surgery may not get it all and the tumor could grow again. The radiation could cause brain swelling. I’m very scared. Fear is consuming me.

  • Pray for me as I work through trauma in my past. God is good, but the struggle is real to stay present and with a grateful and positive attitude.

  • Please pray that I find an apartment or room to rent.

  • Pray for the guys who graduated on Friday from the New Life Program. Pray that the Lord will continue to guide and protect them. As for myself, for God to provide me with the wisdom, courage, and love to be a light for others.

  • Pray that my mom would find a place to live.

  • Pray that Art would have a good weekend with his loved ones.