Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Jordan.  She went to the ER with chest pains and difficulty breathing.  She got much worse very quickly and they had to paralyze her.  They have now identified the virus as MRSA.

  • Please keep praying for Chelsea. She has been diagnosed with pneumonia, not meningitis, and is very sick.

  • Please pray for my children and my family. We need each other more and seek blessings from God. Also please pray for my friend Scott and the men who are at the Boise Rescue Mission. We all have family we love and miss.

  • Pray for my health. I have a brain infection, which makes things hard. Please Lord, save my life.

  • Please pray for the upcoming jail ministry interest meeting June 9. We’re asking the Lord of the harvest to effectively call laborers into this open door for ministry.  

  • Please pray for Tom’s brother who was incarcerated, pray for true conversion for him and for a divine appointment for his brother David.

  • Please pray for my son Luke this week. He is in the Army and facing a period of training in the field this week. Please pray for his safety, that he would feel encouraged, and that everything goes smoothly.

  • Please pray for mental healing for my son who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia four years ago. 

  • My wife has had stomach aches since she was a child and was diagnosed with a mild case of hepatitis. She also has one finger shorter than all of the others. Please pray that her finger grows to normal length and the Lord takes away her constant stomach aches.

  • My kids and I have been living in a motel since the last week of November. I am desperately seeking a home for us, but I have been getting denied due to a previous eviction caused by a week of sickness that created financial difficulties. I am trying to find a private owner renting out their home who would be willing to give me a chance. It would be myself, my 19 year old son, 16 year old daughter, and 2.5 year old grandson. I have reached out to every resource that I know of. The doors keep closing. I know God will open a door for us, I just don't know when. Please pray.