Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for total and complete healing for my husband Dan.

  • Please pray for my son Cody to keep going to church and really stay sober. He’s been doing meth.

  • Pray for my 15 year old granddaughter who is making poor choices. Daughter needs to find affordable housing.  Praise daughter found a place to move her business.

  • Please continue to pray for Rod that he would have godly wisdom with finances, and that income would begin to come in from his business. Pray also for the contractor to pay the subcontractor so the lien can be taken off our house.

  • I would like to visit my daddy in Brazil, but for many reasons it would be a miracle to travel to my country and return safely to the US. But I know that God does miracles.

  • I would like to pray for my teacher's son who just got diagnosed with cancer. I would like to pray for hope for my teacher, and strength for the boy who is in 10th grade.

  • Please pray for my brother-in-law as he currently does not attend a church but has a desire to be baptized. I’ve invited him to come to church but he has not taken up the invitation yet. Pray for Jesus to continue speaking to him.

  • Please pray for my friend in Mexico. The land around her home has burned due to a neighbor’s brush fire that got out of control. She has been without water for weeks, as her well pump has stopped working, and she is very low on resources.

  • Please pray that God comforts me during this trying time, that I am blessed with the Holy Spirit and that I can refrain from temptation. That I get to go home to my mom’s and that I get a program diversion.