Daily Prayer Requests

  • Praise God that my husband is trying! It has been years of an abusive relationship to the point where we are now separated. Two weeks ago, God revealed to me that he was looking into the logistics of divorce. Now, he is seeking individual counseling, as am I, for healing and has since started to “date” me again. Please pray for his and my protection from the enemy so that God can truly heal our marriage. Pray that we can come up with a plan from our counselors’ guidance so that I can move home and we can rebuild our family with God in the center. Thank you for your prayers, they are powerful!

  • I just got a blood test back that tells me I have a 28% chance that they will find cancer in an upcoming prostate biopsy. I’m not stressed, just asking for prayer.

  • My name is Ren. My wife and I have been living separately for 5 years. I have tried to bring her back in my life but she is not willing to come back. I am so scared and worried and I don’t know what to do. We don’t communicate at all. I love her so much. Our marriage is on brink of a break. Please pray for my wife so that Jesus can touch her heart. I am so broken.

  • My request is for a prayer of thanks for all the blessings God has given us and that we recognize them with thankfulness and not take them for granted.

  • My husband seems to be going into a depression cycle. Please pray for total deliverance, grace for me for more wisdom, more compassion and faith that God will deliver him as this has been going on for years. He’s been very faithful in prayer, fellowship, worship and reading God’s Word. However, the distraction from the Parkinson’s is really affecting him. He falls up the stairs because of not being mindful to lift his knees higher.

  • Please pray for Anna Rose’s son (Nicholas) who just recently got laid off work, so now he is searching for a new job. She also asks for prayer for his continued health.

  • Please pray for my feet. I have plantar fasciitis in my feet and I work on my feet continually.

  • I hurt my back several days ago and is getting worse. Will probably need to go to ER tomorrow. I’ve gained a lot of weight quickly and this could be partial cause. I am thanking God in advance for answered prayer!

  • Please pray for a young lady’s deliverance from past abuse so she can move forward in freedom.