Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for restored vision in my right eye. I meet with a retina surgeon in Boise on Tuesday, April 30.  A lens is displaced in my eye and have lost vision and I am in a lot of pain.

  • My friend Sherri, mother of 4, was literally dying of breast cancer that spread from head to toe (bone, lung, liver, spine, ovaries). She didn't do chemo and hasn't because of an immune system that couldn't support it. She has to fight with natural ways. She was down to 91 pounds, bedridden in great pain, and heavily sedated. Well, she just got up and began eating...she's gained some weight, but has some bone pain in shoulders. She's going in for a full scan; please pray for complete healing. She shouldn't be alive, logically, but she is! Praise God! We are amazed. Please pray for Sherri's upcoming scan and for Christ to be glorified.

  • Please ask God for protection of my 2 youngest daughters. They look up to their older sister, who was recently witness and involved in a shooting as a bystander. Prayer for protection, strength, wisdom for the authorities, and seeking God's comfort and love for all those involved.

  • Please pray for my son Isaiah. He was in a bicycle accident Sunday and has a couple facial fractures. The right sinus fracture will need to be surgically repaired as it has also collapsed his sinus. He also fractured the upper orbital bone above his right eye, which should heal itself. We meet with the ENT doctor Tuesday morning, then a neurosurgeon. They are just involving the neurosurgeon as a precaution. At this time the injury does not show any signs of a traumatic brain injury, which is a blessing.

  • Please pray for my her husband’s job to kick in to provide for our needs. The business is going slow.

  • Please pray for Brenda, who is in need of a CNA helper, but is having issues with agencies not taking Medicaid. She needs a new doctor and a new place to live.

  • Please pray for Cheri’s son, Derek. He is having medical issues, prayer for him to have low stress and for him to be active in submitting a letter in reference to his health insurance. Pray also for her grandson, Justin, as he's stressing out about his dad's situation. Please pray for Adel to come to Christ.

  • Please pray for my daughter Lisa as she starts working out in the World, that she would have peace and joy and a light to those around her in Whole Food in California.

  • Please pray for me for shoulder surgery Monday, April 29th. I have some anxiety regarding controlling the pain after surgery as I can’t tolerate narcotic pain meds. The recovery time is long and will be tough to endure. Please pray that I will have help and my family will step up to help as needed.