Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me for an upcoming shoulder surgery, April 29th at 2:30 pm. Pray for the recovery as it is long and also pray for my ability to sustain the pain. Pray for my husband and kids to step up and help as needed while I’m unable to do much as I will only have the use of my left arm and hand.

  • Please pray for my friend Jamie in breaking the hold that opiates have on her.

  • Pray for healing for my uncle who is going into surgery for a tumor pressing on his brain and eyes. He was finally cleared for surgery and they will be doing the surgery sometime at the end of the month I believe.

  • Please pray for the Lord to help me in reconnecting with my daughter soon.

  • Please pray for my grandson, Raymond, he is clean and sober! But he needs fellowship from church. Pray that he would truly desire to read God’s Word.

  • Pray for Crystal, that her faith would be restored and she would desire to go to church. Help her get a job and heal her emotionally and mentally as well as be a success in her side business. Help her not be so angry and frustrated and heal her relationship with friends. Help her stop lashing out at me and help her get that job she needs and that people would treat her with respect. Help her have a better relationship with her parents, sister, brother and others.

  • Pray that Josiah and Brian would come back to the faith and have their questions answered. Josiah’s mom is now in hospice, and he is helping as a caregiver to her and his dad. Pray that God would equip him for that. Pray for direction in his life with regard to a music career, and that he would make the right choices. Protect him as he travels and surround him with Godly friends and help him find a good community to be with.

  • I am having a mastectomy on Monday morning. Please pray that they find the cancer has not spread, that the reconstruction process is successful, that they only have to remove one or two lymph nodes, that my recovery goes smoothly. I know that whatever I ask, the Lord could always have something even better planned, so I am trusting him with the entire surgery and healing process.