Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Rod and Patti, that God’s will be done in their marriage.

  • Please pray for my best friend. She was just diagnosed with Asherman Syndrome after going through a particularly traumatic labor/delivery. Pray that she would be able to find an experienced doctor and that the Lord would protect her fertility.

  • Pray for reunification for our family in Jesus’ name.

  • Help Jennifer with her dating relationships, get more hours, and get the education she needs and fulfill her dream of a bakery/children shop. Heal Debbie’s from health issues, last year's concussion and financial needs.

  • Please pray that my walk reflects Jesus.

  • Please pray for less pain for a man named Raymond who is currently battling cancer. He had a bad reaction to chemo this week. Praise God for His complete and total love for us.

  • Please pray for Candace Peterson that her seizures stop and she gets healed.

  • Please pray for DCFS to give my nine-month-old daughter back to me and for her to come back home and out of foster care.

  • Pray that Debbie would be healed of a concussion. Pray for her with finances so she can get teeth and other medical health issues taken care of. Pray for her sacred life project and help it succeed where it needs to succeed.

  • Please pray for my daughter Twila Jo who doesn’t know God.