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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please continue to pray for Jim. He was readmitted to the hospital Monday night with a fever. They have been unable to find the source. He has another bone marrow test tomorrow to see if the leukemia has returned. The leukemia must be in remission before he can proceed with a much-needed stem cell transplant. Please pray that the stem cell procedure will be able to go forward. That also requires finding a good donor match. So please ask that God will also provide just the right donor, that the doctors will have wisdom, and that all of Jim’s necessary vitals will be strong enough for him to undergo the procedure.

  • Would greatly appreciate prayer today. My wife and I are due in court Friday, April 26th to discuss our divorce and custody arrangements. Please pray for wisdom for the judge, that truth would be revealed and the lies would be silenced, that the children’s needs will be considered over ours, and for my wife, that God would reveal His love for her to her in the midst of her adultery.

  • Pray that the Lord would provide me with employment where he wants me, and that I would be successful. I need provision for gas, doctor’s appointments (sleep study, primary care), and things coming up this month. Pray also that I would sleep well and be able to lose weight.

  • Please continue to pray for Tricia. She started having nasal drainage that we suspect is a spinal fluid leak. The surgeon told us to look out for this. We are back in ICU and they are trying the lumbar drain. They won’t know if it works for a couple days.  If it doesn’t they will do another brain surgery.

  • Pray for a healed heart from grief due to loss. Pray that my anxiety level would lessen.

  • Pray for help and salvation for Alex and Lili. Pray that God would help Alex with Shawn and help him emotionally and educationally. Thankful Lili is graduating from community college, pray that she would find a job. Pray for them both physical and for healing in their minds, joints, back, and their whole lives.

  • Pray for continued healing of this cold.

  • Please pray for my daughter Lisa, for healing and deliverance from damaged emotions and feelings.