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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Rod for wisdom in his business for making deals God’s way. Pray that we would begin receiving income and that God would give us wisdom on spending it wisely.

  • Pray that our daughter would be able to get pregnant.

  • Praise report, I've been cancer free for 9 years this Good Friday! Praise The Lord that I'm still here with good health! I have prayer request for my job search and specifically for my interview from this week.

  • Please pray that my husband finds a two bedroom before our son comes in June.

  • Pray that our roofing contractor would pay the subcontractor so the lien will be taken off our house.

  • Please pray for our son, Nyck. He’s been in the fire for a long time. He’s becoming very discouraged and at times very negative and hopeless. He is a believer, but has found himself dealing with some social anxiety, which at times keeps him from attending church. Please pray for a breakthrough in this area of his life. Also, please pray for him to find a job, ASAP. It’s been four months since he’s worked.

  • Please pray for traveling mercies for us to and from Nevada to see our daughter.