"It is the Spirit that gives life. The flesh promises nothing." –John 6:63

We're often told that our lives are made difficult by the Devil, by the fallen world where we live and by our own foolish human nature. That's all true. But no matter what battles we face, Christ's great gift to us--the Holy Spirit, our Comforter and Guide, can help us overcome. Every day we engage in a struggle. Will we follow the call of the Spirit? Or will we succumb to the will of the flesh and its tendency to yield to the temptations of our current culture and common demonic enemy. The choice should be obvious. Today, allow the Spirit to inform your prayers and direct your ways.



  • Pray for Jaxlyn’s track coach who is going in soon for shoulder surgery. Her husband has cancer. Please also pray for their drive to Texas to get him cancer treatment. Pray too for Jaxlyn’s physical health.

  • Pray for Joshua to seek God’s will in his career options and follow the Lord’s direction no matter where that takes him. Pray that he will overcome the distractions in his life and live for God alone.

  • Pray for God’s will to be done in Jessica’s life so she may continue to move forward and regain her life and her family.

  • Pray for Bob, Baily and Amy. They are moving from Idaho, to find a new beginning in either Oregon or Washington. Ask that the Lord will give them an abundance of faith and hope as they search for work, a new home, and a new life.

  • Pray for Tami, a single mom, and her little boy Jake. Pray for protection over Jake as he travels to the UK to visit his unsaved Dad. Pray for Direction for Tami to go where God leads her.

  • Please pray for God’s protection for Camron.  His mother’s fiancé is abusive to him.  Pray that God will intervene to bring this to an end (quickly) and that He alone will be glorified.

  • Pray for a 20-year-old unmarried, Christian woman who is pregnant. She has moved home with her godly parents and the baby’s father has also moved to Boise and found a job. already! Please pray for direction, housing for him and also that they will follow through with counseling. She needs reliable transportation to get to her job or a mechanic to help get her truck they towed here. Pray too for her parents. They are doing all they can to help and it's still quite overwhelming. 


Update: Yesterday we had an urgent prayer request for Shane and Roseanna Dean’s 26-year-old daughter Iris who was hospitalized. She will be there for several days. Doctors are still now sure what is happening. Pray that they will find answers soon and that God will alleviate her pain.