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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my friend, she’s really hurting. Her daughter was arrested earlier this week. Bad company I’m afraid has had an influence on her. I pray for peace through this fire for her mom and that her daughter will come to know Jesus at a time such as this.

  • Aurora asks for prayer over her classes and the work that still has to be done. That the Lord would give her clarity and wisdom so that she can pass these classes.

  • Please pray that Brandy’s marriage will be restored. Pray that the Lord would soften her husband’s heart and show him the areas of his life that he needs to surrender to the Lord and step up and become the husband that his wife and his marriage needs. He drives truck for a living and is gone and not available most of the time (emotionally, physically, spiritually).

  • Please pray for Cheri today, she’s under a lot of stress and thinking about and praying for a lot of her family.

  • Please pray for Derrick, who just found out he owes thousands of dollars on his taxes. Because of this, he will not be able to seek treatment he was planning on getting. He is on month 17 of treatments, and he was originally given a 12-18 month survival rate. This was supposed to be the best treatment that he can get right now. He’s discouraged. Pray that the Lord will provide in a supernatural way for all of his needs.

  • My daughter Amanda has been diagnosed with an incurable virus that brings a lot of shame, and will alter the rest of her life. I pray for healing in her body, and a total surrender to Christ. I pray that her life would be full of hope and joy by giving everything to Christ. Please pray for her body and soul.

  • Please pray that the Lord would provide me and my wife with a new place to live. Our neighbors are hostile and we are both feeling the physical effects. They also have threatened us if we do not leave. Please pray specifically for my wife Veena’s physical ailments and pain.