Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Noel and Emily who have been wounded at church. We are praying against the enemy's tactics of accusation, destruction, disillusionment, discouragement, and division. Pray that God grants them a warm welcome here at Calvary Boise upon their next visit.

  • Please pray that the Lord can restore Fatima Rodrigues and Michele Rios and Roland Mendonca in the light of faith in Christ in a constant affection with the Holy Spirit. And may the peace and the grace of the Lord dwell in everyone at this time, in the name of Jesus, amen.

  • Please pray for Justin. He needs a permanent place to live so he can receive his SSI for medication. Prayer for healing of his relationship with his parents, they also have health issues and have a difficult time with his medical issues as well.

  • Please for Leslie, Frances, and David, that the goodness of the LORD leads them to repentance. For them to know the love of God and to have a healthy desire for Jesus. Meanwhile protection from all works of darkness.

  • Please pray for Shelly who is going through a rough time right now dealing with depression-like feelings, feeling like she’s going crazy, not having much of a connection/relationship with her kids. Her husband is doing all that he can to support her and encourage her, pray with and for her, but Shelly is just feeling isolated and having a hard time asking for help. Meanwhile, on the inside, she is dealing with inner turmoil.

  • Please pray for Kevin, who is going in for emergency surgery to repair some damage that was done in a previous surgery. He will require several weeks of immobility and monitoring. As a result, his wife and daughter both postponed surgeries they had scheduled. Additionally, their car was totaled in an accident on the way home from a doctor visit. Please pray for financial provision and physical healing for this family, and that they wouldn’t become discouraged.

  • Please pray for a couple who have been hurt by church and are now rejecting God. We pray that the Lord would soften their hearts, and that they would be overwhelmed by His love for them.