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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray that my mom would find a place.

  • Pray for God’s Spirit to move not only in my life, but those around me who continue to labor for the Lord.

  • Pray that God would give me the strength not to enable my daughter in her drug use.

  • Pray that my best friend Brad would surrender to Jesus and come to church with me.

  • Pray for my job, allowing others to show more compassion and grace.

  • Please pray for health for everyone and to be cleansed of diseases that people have.

  • Please pray for my great granddaughter Addie, she has been sick and having trouble breathing.

  • Please pray for reconciliation for my wife Patti and I.

  • We are having a family reunion in the Redwoods. Please pray for restoration of relationships.

  • I would like prayers for my friend Steve who has stage four cancer. Please pray that I may be helped by the FBI for what I need.

  • I want to praise God for the work that He has been doing. I just ask that He continue laying down the path and providing me with the shoes to take godly steps. I ask for His strength and courage, and the ability to help others.